Coleshill’s NEW Annual Ball Race – October 15th 2023 11am-4pm together with our                 ” Mini Party in the Park “

Join us for our latest new event in Coleshill, which will be an annual event, the new Ball Race! So what is it you ask? Ok so its our new idea we have purchased loads of balls!!! and each one will be numbered. You will then have the opportunity to purchase a ball at our shop or committee members. Those balls will then be loaded into our Tractor which will then travel to the Memorial Park on 15th October 2023 where a ball course will have been constructed and the balls will be released down the course to the finish line.

First three over the line will receive hefty cash prizes and the next few will receive tombola type prizes donated by the businesses of coleshill.

Prizes for the first three balls through the finishing line will be divided as follows

Winner : 25% Sales

2nd : 10% of sales

3rd : 5% sales

All Balls will cost £1 and all profits will be donated to the Carnival sustainability fund after our horrendous rain ruined event this year and also towards our Bonfire event on 3rd November 2023. Please support us we love putting on these events but without your support it becomes impossible. Thank You

Come on Coleshill “Grab yer Balls”

The event will be held on Sunday 15th October 2023 from 11am to 3pm . Food will be available as will a little bit more entertainment including a DJ for the Mini Party in the Park, Food, Childrens fun rides. Entry is Free of Charge Come and join us for a bit of fun in the community.

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