Our New Website

This website has been prepared and donated Free of Charge by B46Group Ltd based in Coleshill and who have been involved in the Carnival from day 1 and were in fact joint founder members of the Carnival. They are passionate about the Carnival and its events and about Coleshill as a whole where they have lived all of their lives more or less. I am sure there will be a few mistakes in the site and we would encourage you to let us know what they are by emailing coleshillcarnival@outlook.com and they will put it right. There are a few sections also which are “work in Progress ” and as soon as we can we will launch them. If you would like to advertise on the site with a banner or register for our coming soon Business Directory let us know and we can talk. We are very much into helping all local businesses and one of the projects we have are a business directory for residents to search for local businesses and services followed by a High Street shop where people can support those local businesses but online. Unfortunately the way the world is going.

So please register on our site and on our Social Media sites and watch his space for the best events in Coleshill and Tnx for your support


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